The Process

Stage 1

  • Scaffold erected, materials on site
  • Gain access
  • Prepare easy access off of the scaffold through the roof
  • Water tight & secure at all times
  • Building inspector first site visit
  • Clear loft & prepare for steel work

The Process

Stage 2

  • Install steel work as per specification
  • Building inspector inspects steel work
  • Floor Down
  • Construct dormer & boarding out either flat roof or pitched roof and dorma cheeks on the same day

The Process

Stage 3

  • All roofing underlays
  • Battening and external tiling
  • And/or flatroofing coverings
  • Windows in

The Process

Stage 4

  • Insulating of all areas as per requirements & specifications - Cellutex & Isowal
  • Plaster-boarding & internal stud walls
  • Doorways, liners & floor
  • Building inspector inspects Insulation

The Process

Stage 5

  • Purpose made Staircase cut in & installed
  • First fix wiring & plumbing
  • Plaster-boarding

The Process

Stage 6

  • Plaster-boarding throughout
  • 2nd fix skirting, architrave, doors etc.
  • Plumbing & electrics
  • Handrail, banister, sticks etc.
  • Sanitary ware
  • Fascia, soffit, guttering
  • Painting, decorating & tiling if required
  • Final building inspector visits on completion

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Let us tell you why to move up and not move out...
You like where you live? Then you could increase the value of your property.
When you move you are potentially moving into the unknown.

Why a Loft Conversion

  • A loft conversion is one of the easiest and most affordable ways of gaining additional living space.
  • A loft conversion, on average, costs a third of the price of moving to a property with an extra room.
  • A conversion can add up to 30% added value to your home. This makes a loft conversion a good investment.
  • Upto 70% of home-owners are happy where they live, but feel the need to move to gain additional living space.
  • This is why we propose a loft conversion is a perfect solution for your home development needs.